Welcome innovation managers

The heart swells seeing that so many conscious managers in Poland today focus on the development of innovation in their companies and organisations. We have just closed the application submission for the 3rd cycle of the Academy of Innovation Manager programme of the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development. We have a record number of applications! More than 200 people declared their willingness to participate in the planned training and advisory sessions. The first activities of this year’s cycle of AMI will start soon, on 23 June this year. We’re already looking forward to it!

Does your business need innovation? The last day to submit applications!

Only till the end of this day will we be accepting applications from companies and entrepreneurs for the 3rd edition of the Academy of Innovation Manager programme https://bit.ly/ZgłoszeniaAMI. If you want to gain practical knowledge about how to acquire and manage innovations in your company so that you can develop and run your business more effectively, gain market advantage and earn more, you must apply to participate in the programme.

This is the only programme in Poland which professionally and comprehensively prepares owners and managers for the effective implementation of innovative processes, products and services in their companies. The programme is addressed to both #SMEs and #bigcompanies, regardless of the industry! You can read about why it is worth applying to the programme here: https://bit.ly/3xKzwri

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Eastern Business Accelerator (WAB)

As a WAB partner, we have already supported the growth of over 50 young technology companies. From the point of view of RV’s activity, this project is unique – we support not only the implementation of development or sales policy of the incubator’s participants, but we also help them to establish their companies from scratch. The results? Alumni of the programme have already raised approximately PLN 12 million of funding – and all this within about a year of completing the incubation.

Rebels Valley – one of the key partners in the project.

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We have helped our clients raise more than PLN 12 million in funding

Do you know that companies, which under the supervision of Rebels Valley advisors have completed incubation in the Startup Platforms, have already received more than PLN 12 million in funding from public funds and VC for the further development of their activities?

Rebels Valley is a boutique strategic consulting firm offering support from a team of experienced and recognised market practitioners in the design and implementation of business processes in the area of managing innovation development in companies and organisations.

We are a group of experts building value for clients. We have unique knowledge and experience. We design processes and help implement innovations that solve real business needs, increasing the competitiveness of large companies and corporations. We also support technology startups in the development of their business by providing the knowledge and resources that they need most today.

Warsaw Booster’19

RV managing the content of the programme

The programme was implemented in cooperation with the Seriatim Foundation for the Capital City of Warsaw. As part of the Booster, 20 companies from all over Poland have established relationships with representatives of the City of Warsaw, but also with corporations partnering in the programme. The programme supported the dynamic development of such companies as Plenti, Smart Factor or Veturai and allowed for further implementations, including the cooperation of Plenti and Santander Consumer Bank.

ABSL Start-Up Challenge/ ABSL tech lab

In 2020-2021, the Rebels Valley team. on behalf of the Association of Business Service Leaders (ABSL), supported the programme’s corporate partners, P&G, CIti and the Łódź Special Economic Zone, in the process of addressing business challenges using products and services offered by startups and young technology companies from Poland and abroad. The ABSL tech lab is the successor to the earlier initiative ABSL Start-Up Challenge 2019, which was also operated by Rebels Valley in 2019.

In total, as part of the ABSL Start-Up Challenge and ABSL tech lab, the Rebels Valley team has worked with over 50 startups – on nearly 150 applications from around the world.