Innovation isn’t simply magic or art. It’s the strategic prowess.

We are a boutique strategic partner focusing on technology and digital transition and staying ahead of market trends. We know how to effectively manage innovation in business and ensure it is an advantage rather than an inconvenient truth of today’s business landscape.

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Rebels Valley named one of Europe Leading Start-up Hubs,  as in Financial Times and Statista Special report:
Europe’s Leading Start-up Hubs

Our key areas of Expertise


Corporate Innovation Support

For our corporate clients, we identify their needs and test cutting-edge technological solutions available on the international market within their organizations.


Startups International Expansion

We assist most ambitious startups in expanding internationally and entering the Polish market as a soft landing and acceleration platform.


Innovation Ecosystem Development

We collaborate with public and private sector partners to create national and regional innovation ecosystems that align policymakers and stakeholders during the innovation process.


Social Impact Initiatives

Partnering with NGOs and social impact entities, we innovate and deliver meaningful solutions, leveraging cutting-edge strategies and technology for positive societal change.

Our team of Builders and Hunters

Arek Kwoska

Founder, Managing Partner

Jan Raczyński

Founder, Managing Parnter

Tomasz Kowalczyk

Founder, Partner

Szymon Struszyński

our projects

Selected projects we have successfully delivered in the past:

ORLEN Social Lab

An incubation initiative established under the auspices of the Orlen Foundation, dedicated to nurturing innovations that enhance support for local communities. This program, spanning two cohorts, was active from 2023 to 2024.

The Western Business Accelerator Program, a comprehensive incubation initiative running from 2018 to 2023. Through collaboration with our partners, we harness nearly 5 million euros to foster innovation and entrepreneurship in Western Poland, facilitating the incubation of 315 teams.

The inaugural sports technology accelerator program in Poland, executed collaboratively by Rebels Valley in partnership with the Polish Football Federation and NASK. We facilitated the participation of the most promising Polish startups at the World Championships 2022 in Qatar, thereby enabling them to engage in international business development endeavors.

An acceleration initiative fostering the development of emerging technological ventures originating from the Lesser Poland region. Spanning five cohorts, the program operated from 2020 to 2022.

Throughout the period spanning 2020 to 2021, Rebels Valley facilitated ABSL Partners in forging technology partnerships with more than 50 startups and emerging technological enterprises, hailing from both Poland and various international locations.

Warsaw booster '19

Accelerator program for the Capital City of Warsaw (2019) – subcontractor. Provider of expertise in project acceleration to the Seriatim Foundation for two editions of the Program.

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