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Our work environment is driven by a strong team culture and dynamic creativity. We all share the passion for constantly setting and achieving goals. Constantly growing, we develop new ideas and generate innovative solutions.

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Managing Partner, CEO. Responsible for key client relations at Rebels Valley. For years he has been oscillating between the worlds of corporations and startups and knows how to connect them. Knowing the rules of the game of large organizations, he gained his experience in IT and telco companies, financial institutions and Big4 consulting companies. Entrepreneur for 15 years, he successfully created startups in Poland and the Silicon Valley.

Visionary, networker, catalyst for business and innovation.

Managing Partner, COO. He manages acceleration programs at Rebels Valley. Although new on the corporate acceleration market, he was able to become one of its most recognizable figures in less than two years. Has vast experience and deep knowledge of the new technologies industry. For two decades prior to founding Rebels Valley he worked for the largest IT companies in the world, where he was responsible for implementations and business development in countries of Central Europe and the Middle East.

Not surprisingly for a graduate of the aviation department (MEiL), in his leisure time he likes to take to the sky, sometimes with model aircraft he makes himself and sometimes on real airplanes.

Tomasz Kowalczyk

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Partner. An expert in innovation management. He is responsible for building innovation ecosystems between corporations and technology startups at Rebels Valley. He also builds and coordinates collaborations with external partners. He gained his professional experience in consulting companies in Poland and Asia. In the years 2011-2015 he worked in Growth & Innovation teams at the Warsaw office of one of the so-called Big4 consulting companies. Among other things, he executed projects related to the evaluation and reinforcement of innovation potential.

An aficionado of new technologies and space race.

Adam Jerusalimcew

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Partner. Responsible, among other things, for acquiring new projects, supervising the application process and selection of companies for corporate acceleration programs. As regards the running programs, he provides managerial support and helps in raising funds for development. Prior to Rebels Valley, he was active in the investment market, where he was responsible for developing the funds’ investment policies, shareholder supervision over portfolio companies, structuring transactions, and creating and managing investment vehicles.

An enthusiast of mountaineering.

Acceleration Manager. At Rebels Valley, she is responsible for the operational support of acceleration processes and scouting companies for corporate clients. Before joining the team, she was responsible for implementing innovations and sat on the Executive Committee of an acceleration program implemented by the Poczta Polska capital group.

When not working with startups, she teaches dance.