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Corporations are supported in the process of implementing new business concepts with the participation of Polish and foreign technology companies. Solutions offered to companies are based on open and internal innovation. In addition, our acceleration programs and collaborations with start-ups are focused on matching the right technologies to challenges that are real and important to corporations. Implementations generate a number of benefits, both in terms of cost optimization of existing activities and creating new revenue channels. Working with Rebels Valley, corporations gain access to technologies, experience and expertise. They save time and money.

The operations of Rebels Valley are based on the idea of creating strong business ties between small, dynamic technology companies and corporations with a strong market position. In order to accomplish undertaken tasks and business challenges, we work with leading Polish companies, including those listed on domestic and foreign stock markets, as well as the largest European organizations supporting digital innovations.

We provide innovative solutions, as well as implementation and consulting services. We support clients and partners in achieving competitive advantage. We optimize and start new processes and business models. We help in obtaining investment funding. We implement innovative solutions and support new business ideas.

In everyday work, we focus on creating real value for our partners, founding our solutions on business implementations and commercial cooperation.

Business model:

We provide innovative solutions, as well as implementation and consulting services

We tailor our operations to real needs of our Clients, we provide consulting, implementation and advisory services

We are constantly developing to provide our Clients with the most advanced and effective solutions to their problems

We care about the quality of our services to maximize value for our Clients

We use our extensive experience and expertise in order to succeed in creating long-lasting and effective innovations meant for a diverse group of stakeholders.

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