About us

Rebels Valley is a Polish company built out of a passion for business. We specialize in innovation management and implementation consulting for SMEs and corporations, as well as supporting the development of young technology companies. Focused on our partners' business goals, we help them create new revenue streams and adapt existing processes to the latest market and technology trends. By combining experience and state-of-the-art technologies, we assist companies in developing and creating ecosystems of innovation. Implementation services that we provide deliver added value to all business entities working with us.

We will build an accelerator for you!

Who are we?

Rebels Valley is an integrated team of experienced consultants, investors, coders and engineers. We have worked with major global and regional brands from IT, telco, and venture capital. We have supported the most promising startups and successful corporations in building business value based on the cooperation between big and small companies. We have created a community of experienced and diverse managers that work with Rebels Valley, helping our clients and portfolio companies to attain their goals when concluding business contracts and cooperating in the long-term.

We are constantly developing – perfecting our offer, preparing new projects and never stop thinking about the future.
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Arek Kwoska

Jan Raczyński

Tomasz Kowalczyk

Adam Jerusalimcew

Martyna Konys

What do we do?

At Rebels Valley, we build effective corporate ecosystems. We focus on supporting business implementations conducted in collaboration with young technology companies that offer essential experience or market standing. Our solutions are meant for companies whose innovative products cater to the strategic needs or requirements of large corporations. In this model, corporations benefit not only from the transfer of knowledge, but most importantly from the innovative approach to solving problems they encounter in their daily operations.

Our mission

By providing top-quality business solutions we optimize the potential of companies of any size and maximize their business engagement.

Our vision

A recognizable brand offering personalized business solutions of the highest quality

Our values

The values we follow define us as a company and directly translate into the sustainability of implemented solutions and the trust of our Clients. Our key values are:

Efficacy and focus on business goal

Knowledge and experience

Creativity and innovation

Responsibility and integrity

Engagement in the process of change

High quality of services provided